Veeranjaneya Productions Movie Production No.1 Started

Veeranjaneya Productions is gearing up for the release of their production no.1 starring Naveen Chandra and Shalini Vadinikati(Tamil movies - Vellaiya irrukkiravan poi sola maattan, Kannada movie -Raajaru) in lead roles, Produced by Sai Abhishek, Movie is going to be scintillating romantic suspense with a gripping screenplay. Dr.Anil Vishwanth is making his directorial debut with this movie. While major part of shooting is already completed, team has shared that almost 40% of the movie will be in overseas locations 

Sai Abhishek, the debutant producer is confident about this story and haven't compromise on the budget as wanted to deliver quality output to the audience”. Dr.Anil Vishwanth making his directorial debut with this movie who was previously associated with movies like ‘Kshnam’ as co-director & ‘Naruda Donaruda’ as a line producer Vamsi Patchipulusu takes up the role of Cinematographer for the first time who has also worked for ‘Kshanam’ as operative cameraman. Garry BH, who got fame with movies like ‘Kshanam, does editing, Sravan, who worked for prema ishq kadhal, alias janaki, savitri also composed the music for this movie, Director of the movie, shared, “All the artists have put their heart & soul into this movie with tremendous

efforts so far, we are going to wrap up the shooting soon and move into post production.

Also casting

Raja ravindra

Priyadarshi – (pellichupulu fame)

Viva harsha

Abhay(pellichupulu fame)


Producer : Sai Abhishek

Director : Dr.Anil Vishwanath

DOP : Vamsi Patchipulusu

Editor : Garry BH

Music : Sravan