Inmc 2017 Attracts The Highest Number Of Participants Ever

Hyderabad, 16th October 2017: The World Memory Sports Council for India organized the 8th Indian National Memory Championship 2017, on Sunday at Jal vihar, Necklace Road, Hyderabad, under the stewardship of Sqd Ldr Jayasimha, President, World Memory Sports Council for India and multiple Guinness World Record Holder. Two international observers Mr Phil Chambers, the Chief arbiter World Memory Sports Council and Mr David Zhang, President, World Memory Sports Council Asia Pacific Region, supervised and monitored the event. 345 participants from 13 states of India took part in the championship, which incidentally is the highest participation at any Memory Championship, in the world. The top 50 winners at this Indian National Memory Championship will gain eligibility to represent India at the World Memory Championship to be held at China on December 5th, 2017, the winner of which gets a prize money of Rs 1cr. 


World Memory Sports Council had taken the initiative to organize Memory Sports across the Globe and the National Memory Council for India under the aegis of World Memory Sports Council organised the Indian National Open Memory Championships – 2017, today.


The Championship which began at 9.00 am, was organized in the categories of Kids (12 years & below) with 58 participants; Juniors (13 to 17 years) with 113 participants; 172 Adults (18 to 59 years) and 2 participants in Seniors (60 years & above). The participants were tested in the 10 memory disciplines of Memorising Names and Faces, Memorising Binary Numbers, Memorising Random Numbers, Memorising Abstract Images, Memorising Speed Numbers, Memorising Historic / Future Dates, Memorising Random Playing Cards, Memorising Random Words, Memorising Spoken Numbers and Memorising Speed Cards. The winner was awarded the title, “The Indian National Memory Champion 2017”, a trophy, certificate and a Prize Money of Rs 1,00,000/-; the First Runner up was presented a trophy, certificate and prize money of Rs 50,000/- and the Second runner up took away a trophy, certificate and a prize money of Rs 25,000/-. The topper of each event was awarded a Medal and a certificate.


Speaking about the event Sqd Ldr Jayasimha said, this is the 8th year of the Championship, which is gaining popularity year on year with more and more coming forward to participate. First Championship saw just 15 participants, this year we have 345 participants, which is a record for any national championship world over, held till date. He said, we have popular sports events and competitions for body and physical fitness, but there was no such competition for brain. This is as essential or even more than the body fitness. To keep our brain fit and sharp, we need to jog the brain, constantly challenge it, this competition aims to work towards that. If the brain is sharp, we can achieve much more, bring in innovations, resolve issues, find answers and make the world much better place to live. Our objective is to ensure that an Indian becomes a World Memory Champion by 2020. He desired government taking initiative to introduce a subject on Memory and making it a part of the curriculum.  


Mr Phil Chambers said, China dominates the World memory sport today, with 5 of the top ten Memory Champions hailing from there, followed by Germany, USA and Sweden. India with a huge population as China has a fantastic opportunity up there. Grassroots work like hosting this Championship can popularise this sport and inspire more kids to participate. The key to good memory is using it and exercising it. There is no age barrier for memory, an elderly person can maintain as strong a memory as he had when he was young. A good example to cite is Dominic O'Brien, who was 8 times Memory Champions when he was in his 30s and 40s. He is now 60 years old and recently bagged the second position in UK.

Why Memory Sports?

There are world championships for virtually every physical sport like Swimming, Boxing, Foot Ball, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics and so on and on and on…


Yet there was no world championships for that most important cognitive function of all, and without which none of the others could exist – MEMORY!



The aim of the National Memory Council of India is to showcase the Indian Brain Power to the whole World and ultimately produce a World Memory Champion from India.  Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder and the President of World Memory Sports Council had been working towards promoting the Memory Sports in India. He had trained numerous students, adults, professionals and trainers in the field of Memory. His goal is to organize World Memory Championships in India in 2020. Learning these memory techniques and practicing them not only will help keep the brains sharper but also help them to apply these techniques in academics and day to day life.


India Book of Records Certificates

The event was also being monitored and officially supervised by the India Book of Records adjudicators. The toppers in each event were awarded an “India Book of Records Certificate” and their photographs and names will be there in the India Book of Records.