Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review

After Gouravam and Kotha janta Allu Shirish took nearly 2 years gap for selecting a perfect story and came with ‘Srirasthu Shubamastu’ toady which is directed by Parasuram. Lets see how the movie is.

It is not worthy story to Sirish for two years wait. Because Story is not so new. Many movies came with this type of stories. Bommarillu and Solo movies are also same like this. But director concentrated on the screenplay more than story. Director has a talent to run the movie gripping with screenplay for any story. Director succeeded in this point.

A father who thinks that girls will love only for money. He not even know the name of his elder son wife because of love marriage. His younger son Sirish fell in love with a girl. His father says that the girl is cheating you because of money. Then Sirish challenges his father that he will gain his love without using his identity.

A daughter who loves his father very much. A father who lives only because of his daughter. Later as expected when when she got love on hero she already engaged with some other person. Hero is confident about his love and roaming around her. Finally is hero succeeded his love or not is the rest of the story. There is nothing new in these type of stories.

Director handled the movie without getting bore to the audience anywhere. First half is filled with total entertainment with Sirish, Lavanya, Swapnika and Prabhas Sreenu. Ali made some laughs after a long time in this movie as wedding planner in second half. Mainly police station scene with Ali, Subba Raju and Hamsa nandini are hilarious.

Climax scenes between Prakash raj and Sirish which remembers us Bommarillu handled very well. Tears roll down when Sirish said about his brothers wife. The scenes between Rao Ramesh and Lavanya came out very well. We can’t believe when hero stops marriage which is in 10 minutes.

Allu Shirish got fame with his first two movies but didn’t got a commercial success till now. Now he proved as an actor and also tried commercially. He showing his mature acting in emotional scenes and also in comedy scenes when compared with his previous movies.

Lavanya succeed with her acting and also glamour. She acted very well in this character. Her screen presence is too good. Rao Ramesh is as usual an asset for the movie. Prakash raj role is very less but impressed with his performance. Prabhas Sreenu and Ali succeed by making some laughs. Thanikella Bharani, Pragathi and Ranadheer did justice to their roles.

Thaman music is major highlight of the movie. He lifted the movie to another level with his back ground music. Cinematography is Top notch. He showcased every location lavishly. Editor succeeded with his work without getting bore in any scenes. Production values are also top notch from Geetha arts.

Director succeeded in a point that middle class father thinks to send her daughter to rich family but if there is only money any father will not dare to do marriage. By adding entertainment in that point and made a family entertainer which succeeded.

Punch line: Routine family drama with entertainment

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