Selfie Raja Movie Review

They gave full clarity in the first scene itself how would be the second scene too. They just showed us the ‘Appula apparao’ movie by inserting Selfie in the place of appu. The total movie runs with spoofs. In one time we remembers Sudigadu and we will think that the movie is a inspiration of Sudigadu. If they titled the movie as Sudigadu2 they may get some money.

Coming to the story there is nothing much to tell about this story. They only made all the scene to fill the 2 hours run time. They used many points form all EVV movies. The comedy also didn’t generate laughs. Comedy scenes can count on fingers in the movie.

There is nothing use of three characters of Allari Naresh. All his characters are very boring. Some scenes like Nannaku prematho fight spoof worked out well. The second half irritated the audience and tested the patience. Shakalaka Shankar and Krishna Bhagawan comedy is totally outdated.

Prudvi want to make some laughs with the movie dialogues. But, those all didn’t worked out. We even don’t understand why the movie titled as ‘Selfie Raja’. They only made some scenes which Allari Naresh take Selfie only because of the title justification. The screenplay is the major drawback of the movie.

They inserted all the comedians unnecessarily. Every comedian came and made spoofs. Thagubothu Ramesh Kattappa comedy didn’t made laughs. Sapthagiri did his level best. The songs are very bad to hear. Its better to don’t talk about heroine. We didn’t even recognise her as heroine after 4-5 scenes.

In these days there are amazing visuals in low budget movies also. But this movie has poor production values and even TV serial visuals may look better than this. There is nothing much to talk about technicians. Selfie Raja is a two hours torture. It is very difficult to see the total movie till the end.

Punch line: Spoofs Raja

Filmjalsa Rating:2/5

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