‘s3’ , Singham 3 Movie Review

Director Hari and hero Surya Singham series ‘Singham3’ released today after many postpones. Let’s see how Surya attracted with his action sequences other side Anushka and Sruthi hassan with their beauty.

Coming to the story Narashimha (Surya) is a Sincere police officer in Andhra Pradesh who comes to Mangalore to deal particular case of Karnataka Home minister (Sharath Babu). Narashimha is going to take care of commissioner murder case. He investigates and arrest all the criminals very fast. But, he cames to know that there is a long story behind this murder. A businessman whose name is Vittal (Anup Singh) is doing all these. After knowing this what did Narashimha did? How did he fought with Vittal who is at Australia. What is the reason behind Commissioner murder? Who is Sruthi hassan? Why did Narashimha lives far from his wife Anushka. All these questions form the movie story.

Everyone will appreciate Surya for his performance in this movie. After revealing the main point is in the movie totally Surya will steal the show. He is already proved as successful in both Singham series. But, his performance in this movie will be topnotch. Anushka is just about ok for her performance but looking fat in the movie. Sruthi hassan is impressive as Journalist.

Technical aspects:
Cinematography should be given first place in technical aspects. Each and every rupee spent by Producer is seem on the screen. Hatsoff for the fight composition. Harris Jayraj music is just average. There are no emotions in the movie as Singham series. Hari shown his talent in action sequences. Finally Director Hari succeeded in presenting the movie.

1)Surya acting and his energy levels,
2) Sruthi hassan
3) Action sequences
4) RR given by Harish Shankar.

1) Routine story
2) No comedy
3)No Sentiment
4) Anushka look

It’s really dare to make a sequel a for movie which are already Successful. Director Hari must be appreciated for that. There are many loopholes in the movie. If you love action sequences please go and watch.

Punch line: Slow Action Drama

Filmjalsa Rating:2.5/5

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