Review: Rojulu Marayi

Dil Raju is a producer who produces big budget movies one one side and distributes small budget movies other side. He presented this movie for which successful director Maruti gave screenplay and story from the banner Sri Venkateshwara creations named as ‘Rojulu marayi’. Murali Krishna Mudidhani is introduced as director with this movie. Chetan, Krutika, Parvateesham, Tejaswi played major roles in this movie which released today. Lets see how was the movie.

This movie is based on two boys and two girls who live independently. It is common in every movie that hero will roam around heroine and try very hard for their love. Finally how did they gain their love is the rest of the story.

Director succeeded in the first half of the movie who want to show comedy thriller. But the same didn’t happen till the end. Director failed to attract the audience even there are some comedy elements. First half of the movie is good but he just want to complete the movie in the second half and inserted some unnecessary things.

Coming to the performances Tejaswi,Charan, Krutika did justice to their roles even they are new comers. Some comedy scenes worked out well. Music given by JB is not bad. Editing is ok but should be more better. Production values are top notch.

Good dialouges,comedy, performances and production values didn’t help the movie because of the director’s fault. His screenplay is very bad. Mainly in the second half there is no connection between the title and the scenes. Second half will test the patience of the audience. If he did second half with clarity there are no negatives in the movie.

Comedy levels are major plus point of the movie. Director 100% succeeded in taking the performances from the lead actors. Even though this is a small film production values are very good. Major minus point of the movie is second half. There is no story in the second half.

Maruti experiment is appreciable for choosing new artists. But he failed in choosing this director. Those who like comedy they can watch this movie. Those who need story and screenplay they can think themselves.

Punch Line : Days Didn’t Change

Filmjalsa Rating: 2.5/5

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