‘remo’ Movie Review, Rating

Only telugu audience will support any movie from other languages also. Dil Raju is released tamil super hit movie Remo into telugu which collected more than 60 crores. Let’s see how the movie is..

Siva Karthikeyan who wanted to become hero will meet Keerthi Suresh and fell in love with her.  Mean while when he wanted to propose her he came to know that she was already engaged. Other side he came to know that there is a lady role in a movie which is directed by Vasu and goes for the audition. In this process he becomes close to Keerthi Suresh as a lady. How did she came to know that he is not a lady. How did he faced all the problems. Did he gain his love? To know answers for all these questions you should watch Remo.

Siva Karthikeyan and Keerthi Suresh both steal the show from the beginning to the climax of the movie. Siva Karthikeyan lived in his character SK and also in the Remo character. Mainly his performance in Remo character is peaks. His performance in the climax is very emotional. This movie is a perfect debut for Siva Karthikeyan in tollywood. Keerthi Suresh performance is also excellent. She looked very cute with her expressions. Other Characters did justice to their roles.

There are many movies like this earlier. But, the way director Bagyaraj Kannan handled the movie was topnotch. His screenplay is excellent. Every scene in the movie is convincing. Dialogues are also simple and attractive. Family emotions are also came out really well. In any movie if there are good songs we can sit in the chair. But, Anirudh totally disappointed audience with his music. Audience get irritated when the songs are coming without any situation linked. Re recording is top notch but any of the song is not up to the mark. We need not talk about the cinematography because we already know about the vision of PC Sriram. Editing is good and can even trim few scenes. Production Values are also good.

Hero is new to Telugu industry and heroine Keerthi Suresh is known already. So, Dil Raju publicity and Keerthi Suresh can make Audience come into theatres. Im sure that Audience will enjoy the movie.

Punch Line: Interesting Love Story

Filmjalsa Rating:3/5

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