Premam Movie Review – Love Story Ends, But Feeling Don’t

Anybody is not there to discuss about Naga Chaitanya atleast once in a day from few days. One side about his marriage with Star heroine and other side about his latest movie ‘Premam’. ‘Premam’ was the Malayalam Super hit movie which has been remade in telugu with the same title which is directed by Chandoo mondeti and produced by Sitara entertainments. Director did few changes in the script and came with the movie which released today. Let’s see did the movie performed as good as it in Malayalam.

Coming to the story, the story is nothing but all the three love stories of Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) and the situations he faced. How did they become reason behind changes in his life. What are the reasons behind three love stories only for a single person. Finally whom did Vicky marry is the rest of the story.

Generally our Telugu directors use to remake the movies which got success in other languages. Maximum remakes became failures at the boxoffice. Remake means not presenting exactly what was there in the original. They should carry all the feelings, emotions and the story. Then they will get sucess as expected. Here Chandoo mondeti did the same thing. He made changes for the telugu audience and balanced the movie with all emotions. He presented a class movie in mass angle with Premam.

We will remember our school days by seeing Naga Chaitanya love story with Anupama parameshwaran(Suma) in 10th class. When he joined the college and entered teen age there one more love story starts in his life. This time he fell in love with his lecturer Sitara(Sruthi hassan). This track is major highlight in the movie. His final love track with Sindhu(Madona) is unconvincing for the audience. Every scene between Sruthi hassan and Naga Chaitanya took the movie into another level. Some dialogues like “Nenu premisthundi na feelings ni, nuvvu dooram aina na feelings na dhagare untai” are heart touching. Director presented every scene very good.

Coming to the performances, no doubt we can say this is the career best performance of Naga Chaitanya. His looks in the three parts are excellent.  Mainly his performance in emotional scenes are appreciable. Anupama parameshwaran attracted audience with her beauty and also with her performance. Sruthi hassen is excellent as college lecture and as also Marati girl. Madona Sebastian is just okay. Praveen and Srinivas reddy are good as hero friends. Praveen is improved as an actor. The comedy track between Narra Srinu and Brahmaji came out really well. Venkatesh guest appearance is major highlight in the movie. Nagarjuna presence in the climax also one of the plus for the movie. Other characters did justice to their roles.

Cinematography is heart and sole of the movie. Every frame is picturised lavishly. Even though music director is Gopi sunder major songs are used from Malayalam movie. Back ground music is also used from Malayalam movie. All the credit goes to Malayalam music director Rajesh. Editing is good. Production values are top notch.

Finally we will feel we are seeing our own love story while seeing the movie. The main plot of the movie is to say if you gain in love only she is along with you but, if you fail in love all the imaginations of the are with us. Everybody will fall in love with this movie who watch.

Punch line: Love Story ends, But Feeling Don’t

Filmjalsa Rating: 3.5/5

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