Pelli Chupulu Movie Review

When a short film named Sainma released in 2014 everybody talked about the film and It became talk of the town in those days. The short film also got many views. That is not a joke to get many views in those days. The short film is the duration of nearly 27 minutes in Telangana language.

They shoot the movie with only budget of one lakh 60 thousand rupees at the Village named Kompally near Vikarabad. They made the movie with the theatre projection by using new technology named Black magic.
Dont get Surprised why I’m saying all these news in pelli choopulu review. Almost same crew worked for this movie too now.
In these days any producer will afraid to show movie before it’s release because everybody will find out the drawbacks of the movie. Everyone will see the movie with the negative mind. So, producers don’t dare to show the movie before release. But pelli choopulu team is showing the movie to all the critics and media from 15 days before of the movie release. With this we can understand how confident the producers are about the movie.

Let’s see how the movie is..
Actually the story is not so fresh.  Generally in all the movies we will see these type of stories in all the movies. A student who is trying very hard to complete his Btech is decided to marry with his parents decision. But unfortunately he will go to the other address for Pelli choopulu. He knows that later but they fell in love with each other in these gap. But because of the condition passed by his Father in law hero will join hands with heroine and starts a business. Then later will whom hero marry? Did he reached the condition? Watch it in the theatres.

The director proved himself with Sainma short film and choosed a simple story for his feature film. He choosed the apt pair for the story. He succeeded in selecting the cast. He choosed Devarkonda Vijay as hero, Ritu varma as heroine and Nandu for a Key role in the movie and used them perfectly. He maintained the movie without getting bore to the audience by filling the non stop entertainment.He attracted with Simple characterisations.

Every character in the movie speaks in Telangana slang. He didn’t that slang in any scene even in emotional scenes too. Tarun bhaskar will join the list of successful debut directors. Dialogues are also very natural.

Kaushik character entertained us with his comedy dialogues. Cinematography is Top notch. Editing should be better In second half. Music is good in repeats. Production values are also excellent. Movie became more confident when Suresh babu and Madura sreedhar joined the hands.

Hats off to producers Raj Kandukuri and S.Rangineni for selecting the script. The movie will become commercial success for Raj Kandukuri for sure. Vijay Devarkonda and Ritu varma are attractive with their natural performances. Nandu has much to do in the movie with his rough look. Hero friends Abhay and Kaushik are succeeded in entertaining the audience. We can say new talent got to our Telugu industry.

Finally, By selecting a small story and adding a excellent screenplay to it director succeeded. Every audience will come out with a smile after watching the movie. The movie will create new trend in tollywood for sure.

Pelli choopulu: Entertainment all the way

Film Jalsa Rating : 3.75/5

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