Oka Manasu Movie Review

When we are small kid our mother used to keep anything away from us which is liked by us for practice waking. So, with our interest we use to go slowly to take that by walking very slowly. Now mother observes did he came to take that item but she does not observers how did he took that.

Don’t think that I’m talking something different. I said this topic because director Rama Raju previous movie Mallela teeramlo Sirimalle puvvu is a very slow movie so everyone expected Oka Manasu will be a slow movie. But director said this point in a different way without getting bore for audience even the movie is slow. How mother feels after taking the item placed away from kid that emotional journey will feel by the audience while watching this movie.

Already many hero’s came from Mega family. So many hero’s from this family proved their talent and are in a good position now. For the first time a heroine came from Chiranjeevi family. Nagababu one and only daughter Niharika started her career with Oka Manasu. Rama Raju directed this Movie. There will be many expectations in the movie if a heroine is introducing from the prestigious family. Everyone will select a commercial story for debut Movie to pass easily but hats off to Niharika for choosing this kind of story for her debut movie. We should appreciate the Director and producer of this movie. Keeping this experiment aside everyone will matters that how far Oka Manasu reached the audience.

How did a young boy falls into a love who is interested in politics and trying to fulfill his father’s dream. Why heroine says no to hero’s dream. In this process the fights between them and compromises between them takes place. When everything settled down hero goes to Jail for some reason. Will hero fulfills his father’s dream is the rest of the story.

Naga Shaurya is seen in a lover boy characters till now. But his class performance in this movie will mesmerises everybody. We can say for the first time Shaurya acted like this. He impressed everyone with his character. He proved himself as an actor with this movie. Already Niharika proved her acting in a web series named ‘Mudha pappu avakai’. Now in this movie she is fit into her role. Her screen presence is excellent. Niharika succeeded in selecting this Story with different concept. Rao ramesh, Srinivas Avasarala, Krishna bhagavan, Vennela kishore, Pragathi etc did justice to their roles.

“Rajulu potharu,Rajyalu pothayi shariralu kalipothayi, kattadalu kulipothayi, Kani manasulo rakukunna kadhalu sashwatham ga undi pothayi”
” Nee mida prema chavadu marokari meeda prema puttadhu”.
” Ishtam gattiga untundemo kada Surya” . ” Prema nu bandhinchakudadhu”. ” Rajakiya nayakulante rakshasa jathemi kadu prathi okkari intlo rajakeeyam untundi, Raktha sambandham lonu kutralu, kuthanthralu, mosaalu jaruguthunayi . Avey rajakeeyalante”. “Enno rangulanu lopale dachukoni , thella rangu ni chupina vade rajakeeya nayakudu ante”. These are some excellent dialogues in this movie which are written by Rama Raju and succeeded.

Every frame in the movie is very rich and colourful, cinematographer work is Top notch and so Art direction. Generally for any love story BGM is the Back bone. Sunil Kyashap succeeded in that. His back ground music lifted the movie to another level. Every song has meaningful lyrics. Production values are also excellent. Editing is good when compared to Rama Raju previous movie.

There must be some comedy in this movie though kishore generated some laughs his character is very less.

Those who are waiting for one more Maro charitra and Geetanjali  Rama Raju shown them a true love with Oka Manasu. Rama Raju didn’t marry till now and handled a movie like this really take a bow to him.

Everyone knows how love is in this generation. Everyone will connect to this movie like a Love story like this really exists if exist how beautiful it is. We can understand directors greatness in the pre climax scenes. He did this movie as a Book.

This movie is very fresh. We can’t see any repeated scenes. Oka Manasu is the movie which should see with heart.


Punch Line: Sweet and Short

Filmjalsa Rating: 3.5/5

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