Nayaki Movie Review

We all know that Trisha is one of the star heroine in telugu who acted with all the top hero’s. But, from some days she is not getting any telugu offers.At the Same time her craze also decreased in Tamil.  So, now she is acting in lady oriented movies. NAYAKI is one of them which released today. Lets see how the movie is.
Dundigal named area in Hyderabad where everybody disappearing one by one. Government also declares anybody to don’t go near that building. What is in that house? Why are they disappearing ? Is the rest of the story.
Mainly Trisha has nothing much to do in the movie. Total first half is based on Satyam Rajesh. Trisha is only seen in second half flashback episode. Her dubbing is irritating. Trisha is impressed as devil. Satyam Rajesh can say as hero in the movie. He performed very well. His comedy worked out in parts. Ganesh Venkatraman is seen in negative role for the first time.
Sai karthik  attracted with his back ground music. Raghu kunche failed in giving music. Editing must be much better. Director failed in implementing the story. Cinematography is ok and so production values.
The first half of the movie is good. Satyam Rajesh comedy will bring some laughs. BGM is one of the highlight of the movie. But they must be took some care for music. The flash back episode which comes in second half irritates the audience. There are no horror elements in this horror movie.
The director Govi who earlier did Love you bangaram failed to impress with this movie. He tried to make horror comedy but failed. He must be more concentrated on the script.  Trisha failed to impress as ‘Nayaki’.
Punch line: there is no horror in this horror movie
 Film Jalsa Rating : 2.5/5

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