Naruda Donaruda Movie Review

Telugu audience are ready to encourage new concepts everytime. But, directors are failing in presenting the new stories. Our producers and Heros are afraid of those new concepts and proceeding with the safe zoners like few comedy scenes, dance and flights.But, Sumanth is trying to make new zoners even after acting in routine template movies also.‘Naruda donaruda’ is one of the movie among them which is the remake of Bollywood super hit movie ‘Vicky donor’ which produced by himself. He should be appreciated for selecting this concept. Because sperm donor concept is very sensitive for Tollywood audience. Let’s see how is the movie.

Coming to the story..

Father who was dead in Cargill war. A mother who is depended on beauty parlour and running her life. A son (Vicky) who sells all the things in home and roam.A doctor(Thanikella Bharani) who runs a hospital named ‘Santhana prapthirasthu’ when he is searching for a boy for donating sperm founds Vicky. He made him sperm donor finally. At the same time Ashima(Pallavi Subhash) enters Vicky life and he will face few problems. How did he overcome the problems is the rest of the story.

Coming to the performances…

Mainly Thanikella Bharani character is one of the major highlight in the movie. After many days he got a performance oriented role.His performance in climax is mind blowing. He made us cry in the emotional scenes. But, audience get irritated in the first half when he says sperm again and again.Sumanth is seen in a different body language and in a new angle. His performance is very natural as sperm donor. He succeeded in presenting his performance on screen. Mainly in climax sequence his performance is too good. He didn’t gave any vulgarity expression while giving sperm. But, he failed in his comedy timing.

Pallavi Subhash got good marks for her performance but, she failed in her looks. She is good in the character who wanted to have children. Sri lakshmi is good as hero mother. Other characters did justice to their roles.

Director said he made many changes in Vicky donor but there are no changes seen. Audience get irritated in first half when said about sperm. But, the movie lifted from pre interval sequence.Director succeeded in showing the feel at the climax.There is some lag in the middle but the movie is engaging till the climax.There are no extra ordinary songs in the movie but the music director lifted the movie to another level. Editing can be even more better.

Cinematography is ok. Lyrics are good in few songs. Production Values are good.

Mainly we should appreciate the whole team for choosing the concept of sperm donation. Vicky donor is the silent hit in Hindi but, we all know about the story before the movie release itself. So, families will avoid the movie completely. If the movie gets success we will get even more new concepts in tollywood.

Finally Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya guest roles in the movie are feast for fans.

Rating : 2.5/5

Punch line: Good attempt but

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