Memu Movie Review

‘Memu’ is a Tamil movie directed by Pandiraj dubbed into telugu and releasd today. The movie has Surya and Amala Paul in an extended cameo role in this movie also has Bindu Madhavi and Karthik Kumar in a significant role.

When making a film involving kids, the best you can do is to cut open the cute little world of children in order to expose their needs and dreams, which are different from that of the grown-ups.

Pandiraj, a director who is accustomed to making similar movies, comes up with yet another brilliant flick, which deals with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) among kids and the world of their own.

Interestingly, ‘Memu’ demands the attention of parents
more than kids, as the movie teaches how to raise today’s
children. Revolving around the lives of two couples and their respective children, ‘Memu’ is all about their goals, disappointment, dreams and contentment.

The movie is being produced by Julakanti Madhusudhan Reddy, director Pandiraj says, the film will mark Pandiraj’s last of the ‘trilogy for children’. Pandiraj should be lauded for taking up a social cause with a message. The movie has a shot at winning a few national awards for its social theme. However, the movie lacks a good script to engage the audience. The script has no sign of spark and falters in execution. As a result, the end product turns out to be an amateurishly made docu -drama.

To acknowledge and support a good script is one thing. But being top stars, agreeing to play supporting roles, requires great sense of regard and appreciation towards art of good cinema. Firstly, kudos to Suriya and Amala Paul. Not only have they brought in their brands into the film, but also high spirits, good intentions and heartfelt performances.

The songs are forgettable and the background tracks try to lend the necessary support to engage the audience. Balasubramaniam’s camera work is adequate. The editing shows no ingenuity in translating the screenplay elements to something engaging.


Punch line: A good attempt by Suriya
Filmjalsa Rating:3/5

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