Manamantha Movie Review

Tollywood has a bad disease of comparing the movies with another movie. The Same thing happened with Manamantha. When the teaser of this movie released everyone thought that the trailer is same like ‘Chandamama Kathalu’.If you think there are same days between December 31st to January 1st and January 1st to December 31st it is a big mistake. Now, the movie comes into ‘Chandamama kathalu ‘ zoner.

This movie is surrounding in the media from when director started the shoot. Everyone talked about the Malayalam Super star Mohanlal is acting in his first telugu movie. Apart form this Gowthami re-entry became the hot topic. First look poster created good hype for the movie with tagline ‘One world four stories’. Then later teaser got good response. But by seeing all these we cannot judge the movie. Let’s see how was the movie which released this Friday.

It’s better to talk about the stories in the movie than a story. Director said us before about one world four stories. A baby who want to see only happiness in her life. A house wife who expects respect everywhere. A middle class person who postpones his work everytime. A young man who sell everything for the person he likes the most. All these stories mixed up and brought in front of us as Manamantha.

Chandra Shekar Yeleti is the one of the innovative directors from the tollywood. His style is different from others. He takes some gap for every movie but audience will remember his every movie forever. After Sahasam he took very long gap and came up with Manamantha. Chandra Shekar Yeleti did a good try with this movie in these days without believing in comedy. He proved by presenting  four stories in single movie. Audience will connect to every character somewhere in the movie. He presented beautifully about the problems in middle class family an their dreams. Rahul Srivatsav Cinematography is the major asset for the movie. Editing is good. Background music runs along with the movie. Music director may take come care for the songs.

We can understand Mohanalal story selection by this movie for his first telugu movie. Mohanlal perfectly suited for the middle class character who gets problems everytime. He also surprised everybody by dubbing himself for his character. He will become star in telugu for sure. Gowthami impressed everyone with her natural acting. Vishwanath proved with this movie as a young boy. Raina rao performance in very emotional in the movie. We don’t understand why Tarakaratna character is in the movie. He did a positive character but audience will feel it is negative. Annesha impressed with her acting and glamour as Vishwanath girl friend. Vennela kishore, Nasser,Oorvasi, Naveen, Dhanraj did justice to their roles.

When poojari said to Gowthami that God doesn’t need our trust he will do what he want to do and when Vishwanath brought the bag in the climax those scenes are executed very well. Mohanlal said some emotional dialogues like ‘Brathakadam nerchukuntuna ankuntuna kani manishi laa brathakadam marchipothuna’ which got huge response. Nasser and Raina scene came out really well.

Every audience know that there will be no problems to anyone in the climax. As expected everyone are happy in the climax. But, Vishwanath will not get his love. Director may insert some comedy in the movie for entertainment.

Every audience who are waiting for a movie with a Story should watch this movie. Director did a good attempt by handling four stories at a time.

Punch line: One world four stories.

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