Kaashmora Movie Review – Kashmora Arrow Is Not Sharp.

Karthi who introduced to Telugu with Yuganiki Okkadu movie recently acted in Kashmora which released with huge expectations. Till now there are many movies tried to reach Magadheera. Not only Magadheera few movies came to beat Bahubali. But, any of them didn’t touch Rajamouli records. Kashmora movie got huge craze and expectations with its first look and also trailer.

Karthi(Kashmora) who made people to believe him that there are powers to remove souls and devils will suddenly stuck in a house because it of some reasons. Did he stuck there unfortunately? Or anybody planned this? What are the secrets about that house? For all the answers you should watch Kashmora.

Firstly we should appreciate Karthi for doing both different kind of roles. His looks as Kashmora and the Raj naik characters are mind blowing. He attracted in both war scenes and also in comedy scenes. Totally Karthi is one man show for this movie. Nayanatara is apt for the character Ratna Maha Devi as the daughter of the king. Sri Divya performed very good in her character who opens the secrets of fake Baba’s. Vivek is impressive with his comedy timing as Kashmora father. Other characters did justice to their roles.

We should appreciate for mixing up the historical story for the current situations. Karthi is the major highlight for the movie. His body language, dialogue delivery and comedy timing are excellent. He made some laughs in first half with Kashmora character and surprised everyone with his looks in second half. The scenes involving Karthi and Nayanatara came out really well. But, the movie is very lengthy. Unnecessary scenes are inserted in the movie. There are some logics missing in the movie when the Raj naik Character die. It is good if we don’t talk about the music.

Director Gokul succeeded in selecting a good concept and inserting entertainment in it. But, if he take some care in second half the movie may in another range. Visual effects lifted the movie to another level. Major minus point of the movie is songs. Each and every song in the movie are very badly composed. RR is also just about ok. Editing may be even more better. Art director work is also very good. PVP production values are top notch..

Finally, those who want to see different kind of movies apart form routine movies can make a try for Kashmora.

Punch line- Kashmora knife is not sharp.

Filmjalsa Rating: 3/5

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