Jaguar Movie Review- Jaguar Strength Is Not Impressive

Director who worked as assistant for Rajamouli, writer who will write stories to Rajamouli gave story to this movie. Star comedians and actors from tollywood. Item song with Star heroine. Songs shoot at lavish locations.  Four fight masters for four fights. Without compromise at anywhere this movie was produced by son of Ex minister H.D.Deve Gouda H.D.Kumaraswamy goud. Nikhil Gouda was introduced with this movie titled as ‘Jaguar’. All the above list will make audience to come into theatres. Then let’s see did they entertained audience.

S.S.Krisha (Nikhil) is a medicine student. As everybody Krishna use to study and enjoy daily life. But, in night times he use to hack TV channels and telecast live murders which are done by him. Government will take this issue serious and appoint a special CBI officer (Jagapati babu).  Why Krishna use to do this murders? What is the reason to live  telecast those murders. Who are Ram chandrayya(Rao Ramesh), Priya (Deepthi) , Supreet , Sampath? To know all these we should watch ‘Jaguar’.

The major plus point of the movie is director choosed different script and showed it in an emotional way. Rao Ramesh episode is major highlight of the movie. Interval twist is very good as unexpected. Ramya Krishna character is good in climax. The car episode and the scenes between Rao Ramesh and Sampath came out really well.

A good screenplay is very important for a good script.  But, director used the routine screenplay for this movie. There are no situational songs and no love between hero and heroine. Brahmanandam comedy will test audience patience. He is unnecessarily inserted in the movie. We can’t understand how hero gets those gadgets even he is Orphan.  There are many logics missing in the movie. There are no use of villans in this movie. Audience will definitely get disappointed after watching the movie.

Coming to the performances Nikhil Gouda did only songs and fights in the movie. He has nothing much to do in his debut movie. There is nothing to talk about his performance. Heroine Deepthi is just about ok. Rao Ramesh is major highlight in the movie. He attracted with his natural acting. Ramya Krishna is good in climax. Jagapati babu did justice to his role as CBI officer. Adarsh Balakrishna did positive role in this movie which is good. Villans Sampath and Aditya are good as usually. Rest all others did justice to their roles.

Mahadev came up with a good emotional story and failed to present the movie. He tested audience patience with unnecessary scenes. Cinematography is Top notch every frame looked colourful. Editing is ok. Thaman tunes are as usually routine. All action scenes came out really good. We need not to talk about production values. 75 crores is not a joke we can see all those money on screen.

Few dialogues in movie like ” Nenu oka mettu ekkadam kosam 10 mandhi ki mokkadanikaina, 100 mandhi ni thokkadanikaina ready”. Sampath says “Janalaki entertainmentey  kavali news kadu” then Jagapati babu replies”Neelanti vallu nijaniki mass masala nu add chesi chepthunte Janale reporters matladuthunaru” are good.

Finally, only with the lack of screenplay ‘Jaguar’ made disappointed. Audience can avoid this movie because it tests patience.

Punch line: Jaguar Strength is Not Impressive

Filmjalsa Rating : 2.5/5

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