Ism Movie Review : Puri Mark Ism

Director Puri Jagannath has guts to write the story in just 4 days and also shoot the movie with same speed. Result may be blockbuster or disaster he will not care. After Temper blockbuster his Jyothi lakshmi and Loafer disappointed audience. So, he took some time and made a movie with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. Kalyan Ram is seen very stylish looks in this movie with six pack. Kalyan Ram produced this movie by himself with a huge budget which based on Generalisam. He is seen as generalist in this movie who will take care about society. Let’s see how is the movie which created huge expectations.

Kalyan Ram (Satya Marthand) is a generalist who will face a injustice in his childhood decides to fight with everyone who will do injustice to the society. He will wear mask and help people who are in need without thinking about rules and regulations. Jagapati babu (Javed bhai) and Kalyan Ram are beedi friends. At the same time they will meet Aditi Arya (Aliya Khan). Kalyan Ram will fell in love with her within very few days. He will never let know her about his second shade. Finally Kalyan Ram knows that Jagapati babu is doing all these things. What will he do? How did Aditi Arya met Kalyan Ram? Is the rest of the story.

We can see only two characters in the movie one is Kalyan Ram and other one is Jagapati babu. Total story revolves around them. Kalyan Ram did 100% justice to his role. Ism is the best example to show his performance. His body language, dialogue delivery, action sequences and mainly in emotional scenes he nailed it. Javed bhai character is his cup of tea for Jagapati babu. He attracted everybody with this character. Heroine Aditi Arya is impressive. She has nothing to do in the movie. Thanikella Bharani and Gollapudi Maruti rao became plus point for the movie. Ali and Posani comedy track will test the patience of audience. Ajay gosh, Eshwari rao, Jayaprakash reddy, Vennela kishore, did justice to their roles.

Puri Jagannath will make movies with same stories by doing some changes. But, he took care for this project. He shown Kalyan ram in a new characterisation. Screenplay is little bit dull but, the climax scene will elevate the movie into another level. His dialogues in the climax are extraordinary.

The scene which all the black money are given to everyone came out really well. The hero elevation scenes in the first half came out good. Songs are inserted situationally. Javed bhai character is not as much as powerful in second half. He may increase Jagapati babu character even more time. Except pre climax scene from the second half total part was dragged.

Cinematography is the major highlight if the movie. Every frame is picturised very beautifully. Anup Rubens tunes are good. He must take care in the back ground music. Editing is good and some scenes in second half may trimmed. Production values are top notch.

Finally Puri Jagannath thought to give a message to the society. This is a commercial and social movie.

Punch line: Puri mark ISM

Filmjalsa Rating: 3.25/5

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