Hyper Movie Review : High Power

After a successful movie with Nenu Sailaja Energetic star Ram is excited to get one more success. Kandireega director Santosh srinivas directed Hyper movie which has huge expectations among audience. 14 reels entertainment banner produced this movie which came into theatres today. Let’s see if Hyper crossed audience expectations or not.

Narayana murthi(Satyaraj) is a government officer who is very sincere in his duty. His sun Surya(Ram) will love his father more than anything. He is ready to go anything for his father. When everything going good Satyaraj face a problem with a Minister Chinna Rajappa (Rao Ramesh).

Minister forced Narayana murthi for a signature to construct a Mall in Vizag. But as a sincere officer he is not ready to sign the project because it will face many problems after construction. So Minister will become headache to Narayana murthi family. How did Ram solve this problem? How did he save his family form the minister is the rest of the story.

After Nenu Sailaja success Ram is acting in this movie which has some negative feedback because he gave a disaster movie Rabhasa earlier. So, everyone thought that this movie is also going to be in the same format. But, director didn’t choose the same format. He directed one more successful movie with Ram.

First half is Major highlight for this movie   with different screenplay. Ram energy, Raashi khanna glamour, scenes between them, Satyaraj performance, few comedy scenes all are entertaining in first half. Hero makes Friendship with Villan for saving his father. This scene shows how Surya love his father. Interval bang took movie to another level.  Ram said a dialogue” Ipatiki varaku na Thandri kabatti nakanna ekkuva anukunna.. kani evari Thandri vallaki ekkuve kada” which gives goosebumps. Surya will say he will not leave anyone who interfere in his father matter and fights with the villan who is his friend. All these scenes took movie to another level.

Rao Ramesh enters in second half as minister. The action game of Hero and Villan. Rao Ramesh performance is excellent. Rashi khanna is seen only in songs in second half. The love scenes which are highlight in the first half became predictable in second half. There are no Situational songs in second half which irritates audience.

Energetic Star Ram is apt for the title Hyper. He attracted with his energy looks , energy and performance. All the dance and action sequences which are missed in Nenu Sailaja are seen in Hyper. He is seen energetic in total movie as said in trailer. His performance is also excellent in emotional scenes. Raashi khanna entertained audience with her looks and performance. Satyaraj is perfectly set for the role Narayana murthi. Murali sharma performance is good as Villan on one side and as hero friend on other side. The main character is Rao Ramesh. He proved that he can fit in any character with this movie. He is excellent as minister. Posani character is not necessary. All other artists did justice to their roles.

Coming to the director, any director has pressure to direct a movie with a star hero. He should take care of hero and also satisfy his fans. Directing a movie to satisfy audience is not a simple thing. That too they did a successful movie earlier.  He should not show same elements in his last movie. So, it becomes pressure to the director. Other side we should not forget about producers. They should complete the movie in the balanced budget. Director did a safe journey with Hyper. He also made the movie Hyper as High Power.

He choose a different screenplay in first half which came out really well. He deal with all the commercial elements carefully. He didn’t even miss any element from a commercial movie. He did make comedy with regular comedians. He created comedy situations with the characters in the movie. We should appreciate him for his work. Director succeeded in showing the importance of the government officer signature. Abburi Ravi dialogues mage huge impact on the movie. The dialogue “Nee balagam kante na balam goppadhi,Roju Mandhu posi penche mee anna ni ante meeku ila unte, Naku pranam posi penchina ma nanna tho pettukunte nakala untundi ra” is the soul of the movie.

Technically Sameer Reddy Cinematography is Top notch. He showed Vizag locations very beautiful. He presented every frame very rich. Gibran music is one more highlight of the movie. Mani Sharma Back ground score is just about ok. We remembers some old music which already used. Editing is good. 14 reels entertainment production values are excellent. They didn’t compromise anywhere.

Finally, for a old story director added some commercial elements and succeeded. Ram got one more successful movie in his career with Hyper. He also attracted with his performance in family scenes and also in love scenes. Hyper is a perfect movie for this festival.

Punch line: High Power

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