Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor Movie Review

After a long gap, senior director Vamsy is back to entertain audience with the new movie named ''Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor''. This movie was sequel to his previous 'Ladies Tailor ' movie. But the movie was running on the issue of what did that Ladies tailor son Now, that it. Resr of that there is no connection to the film. With the first look of the movie, it turns out that the film is going to bounce back to Vamsy. So, Did Vamsy proves his stamina with this film? Is he replaced his place again. Lets see..

Gopalam (Sumanth Ashwin) wants to start and big fashion boutique and for investment he is after rich girls. He traps one girl after other without realizing what repercussion it could have. What happens when suddenly one day someone threatens to leak all the affairs and how he gets out of all the mess is what the film is all about? 

Artists Performances:
Sumanth Ashwin was seen as Gopalam, in village looking boy. As a teenager with eyesight Sumanth has done well with his acting in love with the love of the girlfriends. Manasa, Manali Rathode and Anisha Ambrose did their job well. Manasa did her role as 'Gedela Rani' with her natural acting. Krishna Bhagavan and Friend of Gopalam did a great job. Both of them were trying to entertain the audience with their comedy timing. The rest of the artists, did the justice well in their respetive roles.

Technical Department:
First we have to tell about the director Vamsy. From the beginning of the film to the end, Vamsi Mark will appear in every scene. The beauty of Godavari River, and the way of Cinematograoher captured those the beauty of the villages were damn good. Melody Bhrahma Mani Sharma did his job well. Already All the songs of the movie received a very wonderful response. Vamsy shows his mark in songs also. The way he shoot the 'Meghale' song is just hilarious. If the editing has reduced the length of some scenes, the level of the movie is going to next level. Production values by Madhura Sreedhar Reddy are very good.

Plus points:
Vamsi Mark Comedy Touch
Mani Sharma Music
Production Values

Minus Points:
hero dubbing
Punchline: Vamsy is Back  with Fashion Designer 
Filmjalsa Rating : 3.5 / 5

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