Chitrangada Movie Review

Ace is currently dominant in the last lady-oriented films. If the content, the audience also encourage the success of the lead actresses now prefer to focus on those type of movies. Anjali, once again came to the audience in the form of Chitrangada. The film is made under the direction of the Ashok, who is the director of Pilla Zamindar. Audience also have huge expectations on this movie. lets see how the movie was..

Chitra(Anjali) who is working as college professor lives alone in a working women’s hostel. As time passes by, she starts behaving weirdly and keeps sexually harassing her hostel mates. Stunned by her behavior, all the girls in the hostel start vacating the premises. After a point of time, Chitra comes to know that she is doing all this because of a deadly dream where she witnesses a man getting killed by a lady. An upset Chitra takes the help of various techniques and finally finds out that the murder spot is located in the US. she Left with no choice, and decides to go the US and solve the mystery herself. What is wrong with Chitra? What is her dream all about? and What does she find out in the US? That forms the rest of the story.

Anjali did her best. But she is trying to elevate her self on screen. keeping her natural acting aside, she is trying to imatate others. and act too much. but she did very well in some scenes. Arjan Bhajva looked at for a while, as long as his perfomance is impressive. Saptagiri comedy is horrible. sudheer, Sindhu Tulani and others did their job 

The concept of the game is as good as it will add even greater if the screenplay was kept well entertained the audience. But the comedy and songs were distrubeed the story. If the story is not just a thrill, its own comedy, horror, sentimenti all of which are supposed to be the level of the film, and the narration is too slow. Its so bboring, as the otiginal story revealed in the 2nd half.The only thrilling point is the story behin Ravi Varma's death. Cinematography is good.The worst thing in the movie is Music. songs are too distrubing the movie and Re recording also not good. Editing Okay, but some unnecessary scenes would have been trimmme ffor better output. Productions values are good.

Plus Points: 

Story Line

Arjan Barja Acting

Minus Points: 

Slow Narration


Saptagiri Comedy

Punch Line: Good Story line with routine stuff.

Filmjalsa Rating:2.5/5

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