Abhinetri Movie Review -horror Less Horrible Thriller

Everybody are excited about Abhinetri which is a lady oriented movie in which Tamannah is playing lead role. Along with her Indian Michael Jackson  Prabhu deva and Sonu sood are also playing key roles in this movie. All three lead roles has huge craze in telugu, tamil and Hindi industries so, makers released the movie in all the three languages. This movie released on the occasion of Dussera. Let’s see how the movie is.

Krishna (Prabhu deva) who works in Mumbai corporate company haa a dream and a goal. He want to marry a girl who is naughty and speaks English. But, because of the pressure from his family members he will marry a village girl named Devi(Tamannah). He will shift to apartment in  Mumbai after marriage. He will try to send her to her home. But, after entering into the apartment there are some changes in Devi. A soul enters in to her named Ruby (Tamannah). Then from here Prabhu deva will face problems. Hero Raj(Sonu sood) will like Ruby after watching her. He also gives her offer as heroine to act in his movie. Then Ruby plan is to become close with Sonu sood. Who is Ruby? Why did she enter into Devi body?  Why did she target Raj? To know all about this you have to watch the movie.

Audience who didn’t watched ‘Nayaki’ will think that this movie is a new story. But, those who saw ‘Nayaki’ will get bored while watching this movie. But director Vijay balanced all the scenes. Sapthagiri comedy is good in parts. At some moments audience will get irritated with his character. It is not convincing that Prabhu deva who will afraid of devil will challenge to it. When the twist is revealed at interval block then the rest of the movie is not so excited. There is no horror in this horror entertainer. Everyone can expect what will be the next scene in the movie. Director may take some care in story and screenplay.

Coming to the performances Tamannah is good as Modern girl in one side and also as Village girl on other side. Prabhu deva is seen on screen after a long back who impressed with his comedy timing. His performance is excellent in some scenes. Sonu sood played his real life character in this movie. These three members are major plus for the movie. Sapthagiri and Murali sharma comedy made few laughs. Remaining characters did justice to their roles.

Firstly we should talk about cameraman when started about technicians. He brought more craze to the movie with his camera work. Especially songs picturisation is top notch. Music is good and so editing. Dialogues are good. Production Values are also excellent.

Finally, those who show interest about the star cast will like the movie very much. All others will get disappointed after watching the movie.

Punch line: Horror less horrible thriller.

Filmjalsa Rating : 2.25/5

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