Why Babu Bangaram Release Delay ?

As everybody thinking there is nothing wrong with Kabali for the postponement of 'Babu Bamgaram'. 'Babu Bamgaram' team confused for the release date because of Kabali team didn't announced their release. But now a news came out regarding this issue.
The reason for 'Babu Bamgaram' postpone is Nayanatara. She as to participate in the shoot for more ten days. Maruti is waiting for her call sheets. But, Nayan is very busy will her movies and escaping from Maruti. So, unit members got irritated and announced the release date for August last week.
Venkatesh fans are very angry on Nayanatara with this issue. But, Nayan is saying they didn't completed the shooting within the call sheets she gave to them. She also said that she will adjust dates as soon as possible.

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