Trailer Talk: Srirastu Subhamastu

Allu Shirish and Lavanya tripati are jointly acting in a movie named 'Srirasthu Shubamastu'. The movie is shooting since many days. They released trailer of the movie today morning. Shirish and Lavanya looked very impressive. The trailer looked very promising with Parasuram mark.
Parasuram answered with the trailer for those who said there are no punch dialogues and comedy in the teaser. Allu Sirish improved a lot with his performance when compared with his previous movies. Lavanya tripati is looking so good. "Any trailer is good in 2-3 angles but this trailer is good in all angles" in this movie style. It is hilarious that in every scene heroine says hero as his brother.
Rao Ramesh dialogue "Manalni istapadevi vasthuvulaina manushulaina mana jeevitham nundi entha pampichedam ankuna oka Pakshana vellipovu" is too good. We can understand that the movie is based on a important matter in life. let's wait till August 5th and see if the movie fulfils Parasuram dream or not.

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