Tollywood Hero Roles As Chefs

Generally telugu heros use their profession to elevate heroism. Family audience will connect middle class hero who works for his family or heroine. Mass audience will connect to police officer roles. Youth will attract to the character which is useless. But, now directors are showing heros in a good profession like chuff in different way apart from routine.
First hero Venu is shown as chuff in Chirunavvutho movie which was written by Trivikram. He also used the dialogue in the movie like "There is a retirement to anyone but, there is no retirement to chuff." Then later the characters are not seen. But, recently we have seen those type of characters in a couple of successful movies.
Trivikram shown Nithin as chuff in A Aa movie.In recent sensational movie Pelli choopulu hero is seen as a chuff. Recently Naga Chaitanya is also seen as chuff in Premam. If anyone will inspire them and start cooking there is no surprise.

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