Thikka Teaser Talk

Teaser means just to create a small interest on the movie. Same thing was followed by Mega hero Sai dharam Tej. Thikka teaser released few hours back. Generally hero will look very stylish in the teaser. But in this teaser it is quite different. Sai dharam Tej will met with an accident in the teaser with Jagame Maata back ground music. Then there is a dialogue said by him " Nuvvu okka maata adigi chudu hero enti Terrorist kuda aipothanu". But, we don't know who asked him to become hero , may be heroine asked him. Thagubothu Ramesh dialogue says that the movie is going to be a pure love story. He says "prema bubblegum lantidhi bhayya modata thiyyaga untundi tarvata chppaga untundi Dosthulu ala kadu chocolate laa epudu thiyyaga untaru". We will think that anything about story is revealed in the teaser but Tej says "Bar bar dheko beer kotti dheko" and invited to the theaters.Sunil Reddy is the director of he movie which is going to release on August 13th.

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