Theatres Problem In Tollywood

If 4 big movies are released on the same day it will be problem to adjust Theatres. If the theatres are managed they will miss first day records. So, all big movies are planning for release with a week gap. Then what about small movies?
When 'Dhruva' got postponed many small movies came forward to release their movies. All eyes are on October 7th because of festival season. But, Top movie didn't leave that date too. Two telugu movies Premam and 'Eedu gold ehe' and three dubbing movies Abhinetri, 'Jaguar' and Mana Oori Ramayanam are releasing on that day. Theatres for Premam and 'Eedu gold ehe' are easy. But, it is very hard to other movies to get theatres. Sources say that one of the producer is grabbing theatres by paying high rates and Milky beauty was used for other movie.
For all the movies permission gave for only three days. Means after three days all the theatres will occupy by the movie which got hit talk.

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