Thaman Introduced Singer From Mega Family

Thaman can make any hero to sing. He will change any voice sexy by adding Suppression Plugin. But, the only problem is after listening the Sony we may think who sang the song.
Already he made Danush, Simbu, NTR and Raviteja as singers. Now, Thaman thought to bring singer form Allu family and did. But, the song is not in the album of 'Srirasthu Shubamastu'. Actually the song named Anu Anu has another version which was sang by Allu Shirish. Now, the song was released in the net.
As I said we can't believe that the song was sung by Sirish. Thaman talent dominated Sirish voice. Mega fans are happy after listening the song. Earlier Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan are also shared their voice.

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