Tejaswi Responds On Rumours

Young heroines will look very dare in some situations. Mainly in their affairs matter. They are ready to give answers about  any affair and also punch to him those who asked the question. Telugu girls used to think about this matters but now they are also answering like same as others.
Telugu heroine Tejaswi Madivada acted in a movie named Rojulu Maarayi is going to release this Friday. She is busy in promotions and also participating in interviews. He shared her memories of Ice cream in an interview. He said that Ram gopal Varma concented on her to show very beautifully as all heroines hw shown everytime. But some media people asked her what is relation between Ram gopal varma and you?.  She also shared what answer she gave to that question.
She clearly said if she maintains a relationship with him she will openly say to media. There is nothing to hide inside.

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