Tejaswi Madivada To Bounce Back Soon

Telugu girl Tejaswi Madivada did many movies in telugu since last two years. He acted in both small movies as heroine on one side and also big movies as character roles on other side. She also did a character in Subramanyam for Sale which has not even a single dialogue in the movie. Those type of characters effected her career. Recently she acted as heroine in Rojulu marayi but it didn't bring her expected fame. Now, there are two more release of her which are in pending but, those are not new projects.
So suddenly she disappeared from movies. Now she is working to back bounce in Industry. So, she recently did a photo shoot. Even in black and white photos she is looking beautiful. She, may taking training at Varma school because she is exposing in a limit.
She is a telugu girl is not a reason behind her lack of offers. We can't understand why makers keep restrictions to Telugu girls but not to other Mollywood actress.

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