Teaser Talk: Sampoo's Breathless Dialogue Is Suffocating

Two years ago, Tollywood was swept off by a tsunami (as proudly claimed by the makers in the teaser) called Sampoornesh Babu and Hrudaya Kaleyam. While Sampoo became a Burning Star, the film became a cult classic among spoof films genre, while many others hated it passionately.

After two years, the same team has returned with yet another spoof film titled Kobbari Matta. The film's teaser was released a while ago and it has already become a talking point, but for not so good reasons. First thing first, at 2:37 minutes, it's more of a trailer than a teaser.

And secondly, the entire teaser is an attempt to spoof the iconic Rajinikanth in and as Pedarayudu. The entire teaser has been spread with Sampoo's two minute breathless dialogue about women which is more suffocating and derogatory to women rather than evoking laughter. We will have to wait until the film's release to see if Sampoo manages to create any stir at the box-office.

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