Tamannah Role Increased In Bahubali?

There are many rumours surrounding about Bahubali the conclusion. Mainly about Anushka weight.  Now there is a latest rumour surrounding about milky beauty Tamannah.

Tamannah is free from September. But, she is not accepting any new movies because of Bahubali shoot. Actually Tamanna character is introduced when Makers thought to release the movie in two parts. So, she got a full length character in part 1. There are flashback episodes in Part 2 so, Anushka should play major role. But, she is working very hard to become slim. So, makers decided to increase Tamannah role in this part.

Actually Tamannah has to do one song and few scenes in this part but, now her role has three songs and she is also going to participate in war scenes. How did Rajamouli manage all these became big question mark.

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