Talaented Director About The Society

Generally any director Power decreases when he gets older in Industry. Their creativity will gets decreases after few days. Mass director Puri Jagannath also getting the same comments from few days. Now, he is very confident with hus latest movie ISM with Kalyan Ram.
Puri sang the title song in ISM movie. Sources say that he wrote the lyrics too. 'Okadini minchinodu okadu Sale gallu.Block lo kondam anna manchollu dorakatla. Society was full with Luchas and Lafangies. Anna kisi ko nehi Chodna." Are the lyrics of the song 'Genralism  Ism Ism nijam nijam idi patriotism' is the BGM.
We can understand the powerful lyrics of the song. Only Puri can write this type of lyrics. His dialogues are not only powerful but also mind provoking.

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