Solo Release For Janatha Garage

After Sarainodu which released in summer there is no other movie shaked boxoffice till now. Bramotsavam disappointed everybody which released with huge expectations. After a long gap now 'Janatha garage' is getting ready to release. There are only ten more days left for the movie to release. We need not talk about the hype of this movie which is coming with crazy combination. Other producers are afraid to release their movies even before one week. Next Friday there are no movies ready to release.

Only few movies like 'Avasaraniko abadham' , Banthi poola jaanki, '100 days of love', and 'Premante suluvu kadu ra' are  releasing which has no expectations. Any of the movie is not impressive. And after the 'Janatha garage' release there are few movies getting release which has some good expectations. 'Eedu gold ehe' , Premam and tamil dub movie 'Inkokadu' is going to release on next week. But, the three movies may not release on the same day. Those are depends on 'Janatha garage' performance. If 'Janatha garage' got blockbuster talk two movies will postpone for sure.

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