Siddartha Review

Every small screen actor dream is to become a star on Silver screen. Sagar who got huge craze with serials like 'Chakravakam' and 'Mogali rekulu' is now testing his luck on silver screen with 'Siddartha'. The movie was presented by Ramadhootha Creations banner which is produced by Dasari Kiran and directed by Dayanand reddy. Sakshi chowdary and Ragini Nandwani played female leads in this movie which released today. A man who tries to take all the lands of farmers in a village. Then hero father comes forward and tries to stop him. The villan kills hero father. Then immediately hero kills the person who killed his father and becomes anti to them. So, his family sends hero to Malaysia. Hero fells in love with Ragini at Malaysia. But, because of some incidents happen they both will breakup. Why did they got breakup? Finally how did Sagar gained his love is the rest of the story. Even top heros are afraid to do action movies in these days. But, Sagar choose the story for the first movie itself. But, it didn't worked out. Many movies came with the same story. Acting wise Sagar did a very good job. He is very good in love scenes. But, his body language is same from the serials. That is not his mistake. Coming to the female leads there are two heroines in the movie. But, both their screen presence is not good. Ajay did a very good job with his acting. Sana, Satyam Rajesh, Kota Srinivas Rao, Subbaraju did justice to their roles. The main plus points of the movie is Sagar and Ajay. The scenes which comes in second half with Satyam Rajesh made some laughs. Interval block is very good. There are many drawbacks in the movie. Director didn't used Sagar very much who is an excellent actor. First half is good with some entertainment but director will test our patience by introducing unnecessary characters in second half. The movie became very lengthy. We can't understand what director wants to say. Producers didn't compromise even this is a small movie. But, we can't understand how did that accept to produce this kind of movies. We can see every rupee spent for this movie on screen. Cinematography is excellent and showed beautiful locations. Music is good and so RR. We remembers Gentleman background music in some parts. Finally 'Siddartha' did gave satisfaction to any audience even if the story Is interesting in starting. Punch line: Routine stuff

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