Shriya Remuneration For Gpsk

Shriya saran is the only girl who is acting as heroine since  16 years. Her speciality is she is very beautiful till now from her entry. Now she is getting less chances but didn't lose offers. Her remuneration is also not less than young heroines.
There is a talk that Shriya took 35 lakhs to act in 'Gautami putra shatakarani' with Balayya. This is very less remuneration we can think but actual count is different. She will seen in 2-3 movies per year. She is also doing a movie in hindi  named as Thadka which is a remake of Ulavacharu Biryani.
If not movies we can see Shriya dance performance in any award functions. We can see her ramp walk in any fashion show. For ribbon cutting at 5k- 10k run Shreya is choosed. Mainly for Gold and Saree malls opening she is taken. These many offers are not There for any young heroines. Totally Shriya is earning nearly 2 cores per every year.

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