Shatamanam Bhavathi Teaser Talk

Soggade chinninayana got unanimous result in Sankranthi season this year. The movie was made with 20 crores and collected nearly 50 crores. Now Dil Raju is following the same trick. Already Dil Raju announced that he is doing a movie based on Grand father and Grand son relation. Today he released the trailer of Shathamanam Bhavathi which is made with Village Nativity directed by writer Vignesh Satish. Sharwanand and Anupama parameshwaran are very cute on screen as hero heroines and Prakash raj and Jaya Sudha are beautiful as Grand father and Grand mother. Teaser looked very colourful even he introduced only the characters. This movie is going to be a perfect movie for Sankranthi.

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