Shankar Confirmed '3.0'

Most awaited movie Bahubali release confirmed for next year. But, audience are in confusion to know about the release of another awaited movie '2.0'. recently Lica productions confirmed that the movie is going to release for Diwali next year. Shankar is shooting this movie in 3D version. He is using world wide top technicians for his first 3D movie. Editor Antony said that he used to use 3D glasses even for editing the movie. Keeping aside on the other side Shankar confirmed that he is planning to do another sequel for Robo. He didn't said total details of the movie But officially confirmed by him at the poster launch yesterday. He is planning to title the movie as '3.0'. Rajnikanth said that he can't act in long schedules because of his age. So, let's see will this movie will shape up or not.

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