Sampoornesh Babu Comments On Pawan Kalyan

Shivaji is one of the hero who is asking special status for Andhra Pradesh after dividing the states. Currently he is not in the lime light so, even there is true in his words his demands didn't got promoted. Recently Pawan kalyan started asking this special status in his recent speech. He is going to start this revolution very soon in Kakinada. Shivaji also going to join hands with Pawan kalyan. Now, another hero is going to join them. He is non other than Sampoornesh babu. Surprising thing is being a telangana person Sampoornesh babu is going to fight for other state. He said that he came to know about the importance of Special status after Pawan kalyan speech. He said that he will try his level best for this Status. He also requested all the cinema industry to react this revolution. He said Andhra people are also main reason for the position we have now.

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