Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Movie Review, Rating

Sahasam swasaga saagipo movie should release six months back but, after facing many problems and issues finally the movie released today. The movie has many expectations because all the top technicians worked for this movie. The combination itself Gautam Menon, AR Rehman and Naga Chaitanya has huge craze. They already has a blockbuster movie earlier with Yemaya chesave. Let’s see how the movie is.

Rajnikanth (Naga Chaitanya) is a middle class young man. He completes his studies and plans to start his career after a long trip. Leela(Manjima Mohan) is a friend of hero sister. They both become very close in very few days. They both will go for road trip. There they will met with an accident later they came to know that it was a pre planned murder not an accident. Who tried to kill Leela? Why does they want to kill her? What problems Rajnikanth and Leela faced? How did they overcome with all those issues? To know answers for all these questions you should watch the movie.

Gautam Menon is known for his different taking. As usual this movie also runs with a different screenplay. Total love track in the first half and the road trip are awesome. The scenes involving his friends are good. Later the accident and Vellipomake song lifted the movie to another level. We should appreciate director for picturising the song in a new way. Later a good interval bang made movie gripping.

Total second half runs in action mood. Hero tries to find out who is behind all these. Everything gone well but the climax disappointed the audience. Baba Saighal is not so impressive as villan. Chaitanya make over as police in climax is not convincing. Total first half is romantic and there is not even a single love scene in second half is major drawback. Slow narration is also a draw back. Few scenes in first half remembers us Ye maya chesave.

Naga Chaitanya is apt for the role Rajnikanth. Recently he proved in Premam and now with ‘Sahasam swasaga saagipo’. His chemistry with Manjima Mohan came out really well. She also acted very well. Her screen presence is good. Rakendu mouli is good as heros friend. His comedy timing is very good.

Gautam Menon came with a love and action entertainer. He tried something different with this movie. Vellipomake song picturisation is also a part of an experiment. Director succeeded in creating curiosity among audience till the climax. Movie is little lag but totally a  worth watch. Masses may not connect to the movie so, they can avoid the film completely.

Technically Cinematography is Top notch. Every frame is looking colourful. AR Rehman gave extraordinary songs for this movie. Each and every song are chat busters. All songs are exactly came for the situation. Back ground score is good. Editing is good but can be even more better.

Finally those who like different screenplay and classical movies will connect to Sahasam swasaga saagipo. Those who think this movie was only love story may get disappointed.

Punch line: Clean pure love and action entertainer.

 Filmjalsa Rating:3/5

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