Roshan Gets Mega Blessings

Chiranjeevi said why everyone in Industry wants blessings from him. Hero Srikanth son Roshan acted in a movie named 'Nirmala convent' released recently. Chiranjeevi attended a special show of this movie. He appreciated Roshan and Shreya sharma. Mainly the way he appreciated Roshan is excellent.
He saod 'Roshan is the son of my brother Srikanth. I know him from his childhood. He is like one more son to me. Truly speaking how Ram Charan and my nephews are Roshan is same like them to me. I thought when I saw him that he is born to be a hero. I know he is a hero material. This movie will really help to Roshan career."
"The success of this movie is in the eyes of hero and heroine. A movie like this should get success and should get appreciations from audience. So, fresh subjects will come forward. All the best." And congratulated the Nirmala convent team.

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