Rendaksharaalu Heroine Vasavi Interview

Telugu actress are very rare in telugu movies. But in these days they are showing interest to act in telugu movies. Recently in a movie named 'Rendaksharaalu' the heroine is telugu actress. She is getting a great response to her character in this movie. So she shared some of her happiest moments.
About you? I'm from kadapa district. I completed my recently. I like movies from my childhood. That interest took me to act in the movies. 'Aa intlo evaru leru' is my first movie and 'Rendaksharaalu'is my second but my second movie is releasing first.
How is your role in this movie? My character name in this movie is Kalankitha. I acted as college student. In the first half I look Bubbly bubbly. Second half is totally sympathy oriented character. Im really happy for the response i got to this character.  Im really lucky for that my first movie got a good positive talk. Thanks to my producer Pila Devendar Reddy and my director Srinivas rao who gave me a performance oriented character for my first movie itself.
What did you like in this movie 'Rendaksharaalu' ? The plot of this movie is how are arranged marriages and love marriages after marriage. This story inspired me a lot which will Connect to present trend. Coming to the title all the relations in our life starts with two letters which are like Amma, Nanna, akka, chelli, atha. Etc that is our title 'Rendaksharaalu'. Everyone is saying that this is a apt title for this movie.
Who is your inspiration in heroines? I like Anushka and Kajal. They are my inspirations. My dream is to do a role like Anushka in Arundathi.
How is your family support? First they said no.  But after seeing 'Rendaksharaalu' the got some hope on  me. Now they are encouraging me.
What are your future projects? Lara, Goa beach road and I'm also doing a movie in Tamil.
Are you ready for Glamour roles? Firstly I like to do performance oriented roles. If the character demands I like to do glamour roles too.
How was working experience with 'Rendaksharaalu' team? Lokesh Reddy , Akshara and me and Kiran acted in this movie as two love pairs. We became good friends. Every character is important to the movie. Director Srinivas rao saw me in Facebook and called me for auditions. our Producers Pila Devendar Reddy didn't compromise anywhere about the budget and released grandly.

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