Reason Behind Chandoo To Direct Premam

Chandoo mondeti entered Akkineni compound for Directing a straight movie again. But, he offered Premam remake. Naga Chaitanya already said that he didn't reacted in positive way when he offered this movie. How did he convinced for doing this movie? Nagarjuna is the main reason behind the movie. He thought that he got a chance to direct Nagarjuna for atleast one scene in this movie and convinced.
In Premam original version hero father is seen in the principal scene. He planned the character with Nagarjuna he also accepted to act. But, finally changed the roles. Venkatesh did the principal scene and Nagarjuna is seen in the climax. Venkatesh episode gave them huge confidence on the movie. His four minutes presence is very energetic. Venky acted in single take for that scene. There is a huge response for that scene in theatre.

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