Rashmi About Antham Movie

Hot anchor Rashmi acted in a movie named 'Antham' which released today. They promoted this movie very well. They only pointed out Rashmi Gautam and promoted this movie. Her performance in Guntur talkies is the reason for this. But, she didn't participated in the 'Antham' promotions. She also said the reason why didn't she participated in the promotions.
"Director said that he will finish the movie only in 7 days. I liked the content  and want to encourage new talent so, I accepted to do this movie. But they didn't even say her first look and release dates". She also said that they are promoting this movie by focusing on her. She didn't liked this promotion after having content in the movie they only concentrating on Rashmi. She said why to mislead audience like that.
They thought to name Vyuham title for this movie. Now releasing as 'Antham'. This movie completed its shooting 2 years back which releasing now only because of Guntur talkies. If Rashmi and Charan deep participated in the promotions it would be a huge one.

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