Ram Charan Came To Shoot With His Puppy

Most of the celebrity's like dogs.  They will spend quality of time with them and feels happy. Charan also has a puppy which is named as 'Brat'. This is a foreign breed which gifted by his wife Upasana. This dog is very intelligent. Charan will take care of this puppy more than anything.
Once this puppy met with a accident, he took care about the puppy without going anywhere. It follows Charan where ever he goes. Yesterday night while he is going for 'Dhruva' shooting the puppy also came and sat in car. So, Charan took the puppy to shoot and shared happiness in his social media. That puppy didn't slept total Night by seeing the shoot. He also said that it is a great experience to shoot while 'Brat' is in sets.

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