Raja Cheyyi Veste Movie Review

Raja Cheyyi Veste Movie ReviewRaja Cheyyi Veste Movie ReviewRaja Cheyyi Veste Movie ReviewRaja Cheyyi Veste Movie ReviewRaja Cheyyi Veste Movie ReviewRaja Cheyyi Veste Movie Review
Raja Cheyyi Veste RATING: 2.5/5
Cast: Nara Rohit, Nandamuri Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar and Others
Directed by: Pradeep Chilukuri
Produced by: Rajani Korrapati
Banner: Varahi Chalanachitram
Music by: Sai Karthik
Release Date: 2016-04-29

Raja Cheyyi Veste Movie Review
Nara Rohit's last film Savitri was released exactly four weeks ago and he is back again. This time he is accompanied by Nandamuri Taraka Ratna, who played a dreaded villain for a change. Raja Cheyyi Veste made some buzz across film circles with interestingly cut trailers. Will this film quench the thirst of Nara Rohit and give him that much needed hit? 

What is it about?

Rajaram (Rohit) is a wannabe film director. He gets a message from a top director who asks Rajaram to write a love story for him. Rajaram writes his own love story and sends it to the director, but he says that he has scrapped that project and doing an action entertainer. He asks for a particular scene where the hero kills the villain and Rajaram sends the scene to the director. In return Rajaram gets a courier from the director asking him to execute the same plan and kill Manick (Taraka Ratna). The unknown caller keeps on harassing Rajaram to kill Manick and also attacks his girlfriend Chaitra (Isha Talwar).


Nara Rohit is in his elements. He needs to shed down few extra kilos to look better particularly in romantic scenes. He is at home in the emotional scenes. Taraka Ratna's makeup is out of place. Care should have taken on his styling and looks. He is anything but menacing in that villain character. Isha Talwar is beautiful and adds glamour to the proceedings. There are many actors in the supporting characters. Sivaji Raja, Sashank and Srinivas Avasarala made their presence felt.


Pradeep Chilukuri tried to tell a beaten to death revenge story in a new style. He succeeded up to some extent, but couldn't hold the film together. There are many plot holes that makes this 'intelligent play' look lame and silly. Director succeeded in making a technically slick film within the budget constraints.

A couple of songs are passable. Title song is well shot. Dialogues are good in parts. Editing could have been tighter. Films like these should run at a breakneck pace. Cinematography is good. Stylized cinematography is the major asset to this film. Varahi banner's production values are commendable.

Thumbs Up:

Interval point

Few twists


Thumbs Down:

Beaten to death plot

Lethargic screenplay

Second half lacks steam

Dull Climax


Raja Cheyyi Veste has a very intriguing twist towards the intermission point that sets the right mood for the second half. Even the second half starts on an interesting note with some thrilling scenes right after the interval point. However director loses grip over the narration after a while and the film starts to move at snail's pace.

The flashback episode is the key for this film to keep the audiences interested about the rest of the story. However that episode lacked emotional depth and the predictable ending makes it a boring fare. Director's attempt at intelligent play didn't translate on to the screen because of poor execution.

One would expect a spell binding climax given the buildup to hero's intelligence. What Raja Cheyyi Vesthe offers is a lackluster ending with laughable emotions. This film could have been better if the conflict between the hero and villain is established well. Cat and mouse game should have been the plot device to run this sort of movie. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ends up as a half baked film with many interesting ideas gone wasted.

Verdict: Raja Disappoints.
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