Puri Jagannadh Sings For Ism

We all know Puri Jagannath is highly talented. By seeing his title cards story, screenplay and direction we can understand that how talented he is. But, he got few comments about his recent movies. So he is currently directing a new movie with Kalyan Ram in his own style.
He is giving shock from ISM first look itself. Later with the trailer he shaked the tollywood industry. Makers are planning to release the movie in October. In this process the track list of the movie came out recently. Generally there is nothing to say about track list without releasing audio. But, there is a specialty in this track list. That is Puri Jagannath sang two songs in this movie.  One is 'ey ey ey Ra' and the other is ISM theme song. With this we can understand how aggressive he is.
This is not first time for Puri to sing a song. He sang Theme song in Businessman and Dhevudaa dhevudaa song in Temper. He sang those song with other singer. But, as a lead main singer he is singing in ISM.

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