Puri As Lyric Writer?

Puri Jagannath is well known as Director and Writer. His acting is also seen in some movies. He also sang a song in Businessman along with Mahesh babu. He also produced a couple of movies. Now he is getting ready to show one more talent from him. Do you want to know what is that? Just wait and see. He selected Ism stage for this debut. Puri is going to write lyrics for Ism in which Kalyan Ram is going to act as Hero. Puri wrote a key song in the movie. He is going to say to media why he wrote the song. Already Puri Jagannath has a name All rounder. He is also proved as all rounder in all categories. He is going to show Kalyan Ram as generalist in the movie. Kalyan ram is producing this movie by him self. More updates of this movie will come out very soon stay tuned.

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