Prudvi Replaces Brahmanandam

Brahmanandam is the top comedian in tollywood since decades. But, he lost his place from few years. Brahmanandam has stamina to make a movie sucess as one man show. He is the reason behind commercial movies of star hero's. Now he became very slow since two years. There are very few movies of him in last couple of years. 30 years industry Prudvi acted in more than 30 movies. There is no surprise if anyone says 30 years Prudvi is a top comedian now. Directors and Writers are interested to place him in any where even if there is no scope for him in the script. Prudvi role is in every top movie recently. Makers are also not even thinking for roping him in. By seeing all these Prudvi may replace the Brahmanandam place. But Prudvi didn't show his stamina till now as one man army like Brahmi. He is performing what ever the director wrote. If he got that name definitely he will replace Brahmanandam.

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