Pawan Kalyan Helps To Old Age Home

If we do any help with one hand it should not know to the other hand. Pawan kalyan is following this formula. If anyone do any help in these days they will say to everybody till they die. But Pawan kalyan did help to many people and didn't let know to anybody.
Pawan kalyan is the real human. All his earnings are given to needs. He did not want any publicity too. Going into the matter Memu Saitham program is now trending in Tv channels. An old lady came to the show and said about Pawan kalyan. Actually she is a teacher in Khammam. She is running an old age home named Jesus. After her retirement he got tensed how to run the old age home. With somebody idea she came to Hyderabad and stood at Pawan kalyan gate. Pawan wife saw her and say to him somebody stood near gate. Pawan kalyan took her to his office in his own car. He listened all her problems and gave coffee to her he also arranged lunch to her with fish curry.
She is frightening at the time, then Pawan kalyan said "why are you frightening ,I'm your son. you are my mother you carry-on" after her lunch he deposited one lakh rupees in her bank and also gave 10000 rupees to her hand. This story is before 4-5 years. Everyone is seeing her interestingly while she is saying this story. This proves that Pawan kalyan is not only on screen hero but also off screen hero.

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