Pawan Kalyan Fans In Confusion

Pawan kalyan fans went to disappointment after Sardar Gabbar Singh flop. Now Pawan kalyan decided to give them a success and later join into politics. So he started a movie with S.J.Surya but because of some issues the director changed from S.J.Surya to Kishore kumar Parthasani (Dolly). With this fans totally went into confusion.
In past Sardar Gabbar Singh should be directed by Sampath Nandi but  because of some issues Bobby directed the movie and the movie became disaster at boxoffice. After Atharintiki daredi Pawan kalyan took a long gap and did Sardar gabbarsingh and disappointed his fans. Fans are confused that again if the same sentiment works and this movie may also becomes disaster. S.J.Surya is acting in a Tamil movie so he cant adjust dates for Pawan kalyan movie. So he is not able to direct Pawan kalyan. But fans are not happy with the director change. Let's wait and see how Dolly handles the movie.

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